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The Brian F. Reynolds
Student-Athlete Scholarship Fund

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The Scholarship:

The Student Athlete Scholarship fund was created in May, 1999 following the death of Brian Francis Reynolds, Lowell High School Class of 1950. 

The awards are made annually in May during Honors Night at the Lowell High School Auditorium. View and read about the previous winners!

The selection criteria is that the individual must be Lowell High School senior who will be attending college following graduation, plus be a top student and athlete. We also consider financial need.

We created this scholarship to honor the ideals our Dad held dear...and taught us so well.  Academics and sports are both important in the game of life. 

Throughout his life, he was an avid fan of both, spending countless hours supporting Harvard fundraising and  interviewing potential applicants. He also supported Lowell High through his annual presentation of the Harvard Book Award and the Jack Leary Latin Award, plus he supported The Friends of Lowell High in its infancy---and had to sell  lots of hotdogs and popcorn at track meets!

Before his death, we were able to tell him about setting up this scholarship. He was both pleased and proud. So are we.

You may  view or print out the application here for the Scholarship.

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The Man:

Review Brian F. Reynolds Obituary from May 18, 1999.

Review the write-up and statistics from his induction into the Lowell High Athletic Hall of Fame in 1988. You can also see some photos from Lowell High Athletics days.

Review the Lowell Sun front page article on Brian F. Reynolds from May 19, 1999, the date of his funeral.  The Lowell Sun went to press early that morning to print the issue and make it available for the members of his family.  Jack Costello delivered the first issue off the press to Brian Reynolds, Jr. as the family left the Immaculate Conception Church. The article is titled "Boy, that kid's a natural."

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The Donors:

We are all so indebted to the wonderful donors who have made this scholarship possible. Thank you for your support.

Brian F. Reynolds will not be forgotten. He will surely live on in the success of the Student-Athlete scholars who truly attain their dreams.

                    Gail Reynolds Frank                       Brian F. Reynolds, Jr.



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The Brian F. Reynolds Student-Athlete Scholarship Fund
169 Merrimack Street, 5th Floor
Lowell, MA 01852
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The Scholarship is overseen and administered by the Greater Lowell Community Foundation, a wonderful non-profit organization set up to benefit the city. It oversees many of the Lowell High scholarship funds. We are very grateful to them for all their help and support.

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